World Harmony

It’s time to reclaim the idea of Beacons. Let’s re-ignite them as signals for significant connection and celebration. The Beacons at summer solstice will bring light to this sense of connection and universal commonality between us all, whatever the beliefs, borders or prejudices.

This summer we are Beacon lighting to a soundtrack of ‘Love Is The Answer’ for love, unity, harmony and balance, both individually and throughout the whole of our society. the whole of our society.  With a wonderful collaborative version for Lighting Beacons for Light, Hope and Universal Connection there is much to contemplate and be inspired by…

Features of Campfire’s World Harmony ‘Love Is The Answer’ solstice celebration

Event schedule

We are offering a mixture of Zoom meetings, archive footage and radio programmes this Summer Solstice

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Bringing people together around a shared vision of unity and connection, co-creation and positive social change

“Campfire is a move from ‘what can I get out of this?’ to ‘How can I be in service to the wellbeing of the planet? Can I play a part in this? What can we build together?” Pete Lawrence, Campfire Firestarter

“I come to Campfire because I’m interested in new social ideas, how we can run the world, how we can think differently about things.” Brian Eno, Campfire Patron

Our Credo

1 Promoting intelligent co-creation as we move towards service-to-all. What can we build together?
2 Helping members be the highest-octave versions of themselves they can be.
3 Reinventing social networking for the good of all.
4 Re-modelling events and festivals as sustainable gatherings for community benefit that leave no trace.
5 Sharing learned experience, via collaboration, elderhood and mentorship.
6 Promoting radical democracy and empowerment at local level.
7 Engaging and including young people who are our future. We need to be the shoulders that they stand on.
8 Redefining the news agenda. Working for a revolution of awakening consciousness
9 Promoting positive social change through new models in a post-capitalist era
10 Keeping the conversation flowing. Combating isolation, enabling respectful dialogue and creating a safe space for a diversity of opinions to be aired.

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