Campfire Winter Gathering

Coming together to seek and find commonality as the world transforms

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Winter Gathering

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11:30 Virginia Mallin hosts Climate Café

Bring a cup of tea on-line and join Campfire and Psychodynamic Psychotherapist Virginia to share a reflective and experiential space together.

To retain some intimacy numbers will be limited to 15 and the meeting will need to be locked once that number is reached.

The central aim of a Climate Café is to give permission for conversations that can be difficult to have with family, friends, colleagues. We will hold an open, confidential and non-judgemental space for feelings that can be hard to share or even fully articulate to ourselves, about climate breakdown and related issues - for example, feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, panic, deep grief, anger, frustration, as well as deep connection to the planet and love for it. Climate Cafe isn't a space to fix, discuss facts or plan actions, it's more a 'door to open' for expressing and holding how we might be feeling in the face of the enormous challenges of living in these times.

You may wish to bring a poem or an object that has meaning and connection to the Earth or their own life eg a stone, or other emblem.

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Saturday Highlights

Kaya Project Ambient Mix

Charles Eisenstein & Bako Akomolafe

Bruce Bickerton’s ‘Joy Of Christmas’ #1

Global Beams: Music From Around The World

Mozez introduces ‘Lights On’

Mozez live at The Little Chill

'The Campfire Alternative' with Dansette Dave

Pete Lawrence ‘The Time Of Our Lives’


Ain’t Nothing But a Houseparty

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17:00 ‘What is the common good?’

"The concept of the common good, the notion that we may have to do some things that we don’t want to do in order to achieve a greater goal is anathema to libertarians” said Billy Bragg in a recent Campfire syndicated article.

Curiously, progressive and traditionally left-of-centre thinkers are now advocating conforming to the governmental and mainstream media narrative around Covid vaccination compliance, passports and even mandated injections.

How many freedoms do we need to sacrifice for increasingly divisive systems which seem to be rapidly breaking down society rather than working for the good of humanity?

Creating communities, raising awareness of the ‘mass formation’ taking place, shifting levels of consciousness, challenging government narratives are all valid examples of working for the common good.

What does ‘the common good’ represent for you? What can we each do to make the changes we feel are best for us collectively?

Hosted by Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks (HUMANs)

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20:00 Nothing like Action in the Present Moment

How division through social media and TV works
Why do we have such opposing views of the narrative around compliance?
It is time collectively to create the new paradigm…

Steve Lee has been founder, creator and presenter of Glastonbury Radio 432, local community radio station for  7 years. “Having spent the last 7 years developing new radio formats, I felt it was time to create a new radio station relevant to our changing world”

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Sunday Highlights

Matt Coldrick’s Feel Flows

Lighthouse For Learning

Classical Mix

Ken Roseman’s ‘Peace Love and Pompoms’

Mixmaster Morris mixes ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Alucidnation plays Eclectronica

Pete Lawrence’s ‘Deep and Crisp and Even’

Bruce Bickerton’s ‘Joy Of Christmas’ #2

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12.00 Freedom Café

Led by transpersonal psychotherapist , a lifelong activist for the environment and for truth, grandmother, writer, traveller, and gardener Tamara Alferoff.

Where there is Fear, Freedom flies out of the door.

We are currently enduring a period of severe limitations on our freedom of movement, freedom to meet, freedom to have sovereignty over our own bodies, freedom to go to work or school or university, freedom of interaction and conversation.

We humans are social beings, tribal, needing community to flourish and to grow.  When all interaction becomes virtual, we lose something fundamental and essential of our humanity. When all our conversations and discussions are mined for dissent or for data, we shut down, become self-censoring, fearful, and suspicious. We get devious, evasive, critical and separate.  While we are afraid, we can never be free.

So how might we find freedom, where may we look for it, how encourage it in ourselves and in others, and especially for the young now two years into repetitive restrictions?  Whole and small breakout group discussions. As personal as you wish.

Let’s explore together.

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14:00 ‘Inner Ecology’ with Aliki Ko

Inner Ecology, by Aliki Ko, Spiritual Entrepreneur and Founder of the warriors4elements tribe

"From the 4 elements of nature (earth, water, air and fire element) to the 4 human bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body)...
From the 4 human bodies to the 4 capitals of our lives (financial, social, intellectual and spiritual capital)....
From the 4 capitals back to the 4 fundamental elements…

The system of warriors 4 elements ties together concepts that at first glance seem unrelated: nature, business and social structures for an enhanced balance in all types of ecosystems, human, natural and societal.
We will be knitting the story of entrepreneurship as a force for good, the solution to a world in need of regeneration from inside out."

More information about warriors 4 elements here:

Aliki Ko is a dreamer inside a doer’s skin. She believes in the infinite potential of human kind and is dedicated to transforming business into a force for good. Founder of Mindful Experience GmbH she creates practices & tools for human upgrade through cutting edge science of consciousness on Water for comm-UNITY, grids of regenerative destinations like Conscious Gems, innovating pathways for deep human trust and sustainable models of exchange of the 4 capitals. Aliki doesn’t get bored of exploring the limits of human connection through immersive experiences, collective intelligence methods and deep connection between business and (our) wild nature as Warriors 4 elements.

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18:00 Lighting The Paros Beacon (20:00 Greek time)

As the world changes, we are having to look at new ways of meeting, with unvaccinated being locked out of everyday life (hopefully temporarily!). We are exploring setting up a group that might arrange some get-togethers in our houses for chat, music, food, drinks, maybe yoga, whatever takes peoples fancy, so we can make the most of a long winter.

Who’s game? Perhaps we can start here with a forum for new ideas? This group is open to all

We are also in the early stages of planning what we intend to be a multi-day mixed arts event week-long event at the end of next season. Provision date is September 22-28 on Paros. The event is planned to include talks, conversations, yoga, meditation, arts, crafts, music and dance. Connection and social transformation is at our heart, whether around the development of sustainable tourism, eco-consciousness, localism or spiritual development and wellbeing techniques.

What would you like to see the Paros Beacon getting involved with? What would you like to see at the September event?
What are the things happening on Paros that are most interesting you at this time?

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Monday Highlights

Lighthouse For Learning

Paul Kingsnorth

Mattias Desmet

Sue Brayne interviews Jamie Catto

Mixmaster Morris plays Robbie Shakespeare in Dub

Mixmaster Morris Xmas crackers 2021

Soul Deep

Bruce Bickerton’s ‘Joy Of Christmas’ #3

Dan Noizy / Beaufort Scale

Sufjan Stevens Meditations Convocations

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16:00 Social Architect Leadership and Systemic Social Change

Session led by Julene Siddique for Campfire’s Lighthouse For Learning

How you conceptualise a problem determines how you conceptualise the solution. In this course I’m going to show you how to think systemically and design and engage projects for the fundamental re-architecting of society.

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18:00 Anna Frearson SOS
If you need space to be heard, witnessed or simply be with others in these intense times Anna Frearson is offering a Sacred Open Space online on Tuesday evening at 18:00.
A circle where we will gather, and with her facilitation and wisdom of the group come into deeper connection with ourselves and with each other.
A space that holds clear boundaries through shared agreements.
A space to connect to more joy.
A space that encourages us to expand fully into our uniqueness.
A space for people who want to create change, by changing themselves first.
A space for reflection.
A space for our shared wisdom to emerge.
A space to connect with others and create community.

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19:30 Closing Circle. Coming together at Solstice.

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Tuesday Highlights

John Peel’s last DJ set (The Big Chill)

Steve Hoare’s Campfire Selection

Sue Brayne interviews Clare Dubois

Greatcoat, jossticks and a bottle of Strongbow – The Prog Show

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Bringing people together around a shared vision of unity and connection, co-creation and positive social change

“Campfire is a move from ‘what can I get out of this?’ to ‘How can I be in service to the wellbeing of the planet? Can I play a part in this? What can we build together?” Pete Lawrence, Campfire Firestarter

“I come to Campfire because I’m interested in new social ideas, how we can run the world, how we can think differently about things.” Brian Eno, Campfire Patron

Our Credo

1 Promoting intelligent co-creation as we move towards service-to-all. What can we build together?
2 Helping members be the highest-octave versions of themselves they can be.
3 Reinventing social networking for the good of all.
4 Re-modelling events and festivals as sustainable gatherings for community benefit that leave no trace.
5 Sharing learned experience, via collaboration, elderhood and mentorship.
6 Promoting radical democracy and empowerment at local level.
7 Engaging and including young people who are our future. We need to be the shoulders that they stand on.
8 Redefining the news agenda. Working for a revolution of awakening consciousness
9 Promoting positive social change through new models in a post-capitalist era
10 Keeping the conversation flowing. Combating isolation, enabling respectful dialogue and creating a safe space for a diversity of opinions to be aired.

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