The Tide Has Turned

I’ve been away from home for the last week or two, something I’ve rarely done since Covid. In fact this is the longest I’ve been away since 2019 or before. I’m writing this in the last two days of the trip. I can’t wait to return to paradise (home). I spent part of the time away doing an intense healing protocol to clear some longstanding health issues. (I may write about it sometime, as I am especially eager to share exquisite details of the suppository regime.) It reinforced my conviction that the realm of the possible in conventional medicine is a tiny sliver of what is really possible in healing. I got to witness and experience the power of therapies that Wikipedia says are fraudulent, unproven, etc.. Some of them are, perhaps, deliberately suppressed, but mostly they languish in the margins simply because there is little money to be made from them. Things like blood ozonation, NAD therapy, phosphatidylcholine, IV vitamin C, etc. don’t involve patentable compounds. So when people ask, “Where’s the peer-reviewed, placebo-controlled, double blinded, large-scale study proving the effectiveness of this therapy?” I respond,Where is the $5 -10 million going to come from to fund such a study?” Where are the researchers willing to risk their careers to conduct it?

Ssystemic suppression and paradigm maintenance doesn’t require any deliberate, coordinated plan. The same holds for a lot of the narrative maintenance around Covid. It is tempting, emotionally gratifying, to leap to the conclusion that evil people are deliberately harming us. Someone to hate. A familiar way to solve the problem (defeat the bad guys). OK, maybe there are wicked people with nefarious agendas, but what motivates the leap to that conclusion? And what systemic forces does that focus ignore? We ignore them at great peril, because if they remain intact then removing the nefarious villains will change nothing. The system will generate new ones. That is why it is so important to look at our situation from the systemic level and, beneath that, the level of myth, story, and psyche.

You’ll find a lot of exploration of that level on some recent podcasts listed below. Wait, I have a couple more things I want to share. One, a fabulous new essay by Paul Kingsnorth, the founder of the Dark Mountain project.. He has kept quiet about the Covid controversy and especially that-which-shall-not-be-named. Until now, with this lucid tour-de-force.. Reading it made me feel more confident in what I’ve been saying. When someone I respect stays silent, I wonder if maybe I’m off base. If what I’m seeing is so obvious, why doesn’t so-and-so see it? Maybe I’d better keep quiet too. That is how conspiracies of silence happen. The contrary is true too though: when people dare to speak, their courage is contagious.

Also, here is some compelling testimony by Brianne Dressen, which I recommend to anyone on any side of the Covid debate for her combination of raw humanity and passionate intellect. It sheds light on how institutions hide the truth from the public and even from themselves. But mostly I recommend it because it is a piercingly human story.

In my inner world, the Kingsnorth essay and Dressen’s testimony, coupled with my healing experience and a rash of synchronicity on my trip all feel like part of the same movement. The world all of a sudden is reflecting back at me something I’ve been sensing inwardly. A thaw. The winter has been long. The snow still blankets the ground. Is it my imagination, or does it feel a bit warmer? Yes! Here someone has taken off her hat. And there a crocus has bloomed.

All right, the podcasts, then a little note at the end:

  • Why is the climate debate such a mess? – Modern Wisdom Podcast. My interview here followed an earlier conversation the host had with a well-known climate change skeptic. It was a good opportunity to offer a narrative of ecological urgency that transcends the polarity of the existing debate. The framing of the problem is itself part of the problem.
  • Along similar lines, here is my contribution to a COP26 spinoff event, a discussion with Kosha Joubert. I remember the theme of urgency came up strong, and whether there is any hope at all, and what do we do facing the enormity of the crisis. What is the true nature of this revolution in human beingness?
  • Collapsing Worldviews – Catalyst Talks Podcast. We go really deep in this conversation. I don’t remember exactly what we talked about but I remember the incredible afterglow. I think it was a lot about the dynamics of personal and social transition. Apple, Spotify, Youtube.
  • Holistic OB/GYN Nathan Riley interviewed me recently. Here is how he named our topics: Addicted to Control [00:10:00] Heart Navigation [00:14:00] Anti-Life [00:30:40] Lens of Participation [00:34:23] Mechanisms and Results [00:39:12] Time to Push [00:42:00] Crossing the Minefield [00:50:00] Gratitude and Abundance [00:55:13] Life Raft of Birth and Death [00:70:00]
  • Finally, an interview on the What Matters Most podcast around the topics of my recent essay on the Kennedy assassination. At least that was the launching pad. The second half of this conversation goes deep.

Thank you everyone for your attention. There is new hope in the air—can you feel it? Trust it. The tide has turned.

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